Thank you Christine for your diligent work, I really loved the styling session with you – my wardrobe is now spacious and airy and I CAN FIND STYLISH STUFF TO WEAR!


Deb – 57 Mooroolbark



“Deciding to hire Christine for a wardrobe makeover and personal shop was one of THE best investments I’ve made this year. It was such a gift to have her expertise, her professional eye go through the pieces in my wardrobe to create a wardrobe that is just a joy to open up.

I don’t ever find myself saying “I have nothing to wear”. I no longer cringe everytime I had to get out of the house cuz I would scramble to find an outfit.

As a young mum I was drawn to Christine’s blog post on creating a capsule wardrobe – where whatever I owned mixed and matched with everything else. As a Sri Lankan moor by background I had a lot of “kurta tops” that I only relegated to wearing for a certain type of function. I only shopped when I was on holiday cuz that’s when I was the most relaxed.. however that meant that I ended up with a whole heap of “souvernir” type t shirts that had the Sri Lankan elephant on them.. and it totally didn’t go with the look and the feel I wanted for myself when I got dressed. Christine has a way about her to really get you seeing with new eyes.. the different things you can do with your outfits so I make maximum use of what I do have and found hidden treasures in my wardrobe that got reignited to be worn by the person I am today.

I was so nervous about Chrstine going through my stuff.. I feel like as women we tend to have secrets in our wardrobe.. inside it are keys to unlock where you’ve been and the pieces that are so outdated and are no longer in alignment have to go to make room for the person you are now and also one step ahead for who you are becoming..

I feel like I achieved that with Christine. There was a distinct moment in the change rooms on our shopping experience where I looked in the mirror with an outfit Christine had picked for me.. where I just wanted to cry.. tears of pure joy and receiving.. I got a glimpse of the woman I knew existed in me all along.. and had dreamed of growing into as a little girl.. and Christine pulled that out for me.. and I am super grateful!

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about having a wardrobe makeover and personal shop.. do yourself a favour and do both! Christine reminded me of Merryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and also part best friend/best aunt in the world when I went shopping with her. She really does care about you and getting you to see who you really are – all with her eye for style and trends and an intuitive sense of what you need. To have someone who has your style in mind and your goals in mind, who does a pre-shop for you then gets you to try on clothes for your heart to say yay or nay to.. was just such a gift to myself. I now enjoy going to the shops because I have a trained eye and I received so much value from the experience.

I am so much more confident in just being me.. I started to uplevel what I wore at home too and everything that I have works perfectly with my lifestyle now of being home, running my business and being mum and wife and Me.Thank you Thank you Thank you Christine” xx

Much Love


Nadhira Razack – Founder – The Conscious Woman in Business



“Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring day, you have supported me to change my life & bring beauty & feminity into my sense of being.  I will contact you soon re our next shop, take care, you are such an amazing woman with such a great talent to support women to feel good about themselves, take care.  I hope my words can help other women to have the courage to do it too.”


Tracy-  Warrandyte



“I love how my wardrobe now saves me so much time every morning! I am wearing clothes that I forgot all about but I love.   I no longer wear the same things over and over.  Thanks Christine, can’t wait to go shopping with you to find the clothes I need”


Kate- 53, Doncaster



“I needed to have a wardrobe makeover.  I had a real career change and was now settled in a serious relationship.  My current wardrobe seemed obsolete and wasn’t working for me. A friend suggested I call Christine.  Wow, what a difference three hours made! Christine, not only sorted through every item in my wardrobe, but also made great suggestions on how I could mix and match what I had!  I now get more wear out of each item.  It made real sense and was lots of fun.  I love my new wardrobe and I have even managed to confidently buy the few items Christine recommended I needed to fill in the gaps! I will definitely use Christine again and highly recommend her services.  Well done Christine!”


Steph – 28,Blackburn



“I called Christine after having just turned 30. I felt my image needed a bit of an overhaul.  Christine gave me a wardrobe makeover that has really made a difference to my life.  We edited so many items which no longer worked for me. But what I really loved was the suggestions Christine gave me in how to stylishly wear what I already had!    It was such a fab experience and has really given me lots of confidence in how I look. Loved every bit. “


MK -31, Northcote