photo best for adsHi and Welcome to Style You Chic.

Style You Chic was created to give women guidance and support in achieving their full style potential.

As an experienced stylist, I empathise with the issues and problems women grapple with daily regarding the way they dress and their style. Some of which can even affect their level of self esteem and confidence. At Style You Chic my approach is to work directly and closely with women, in a caring and supportive way – to address any wardrobe and styling issues they may have.


When women love what they wear,  they get a real confidence boost, that shows through.

Here are some of the benefits my styling services can provide…


  • identify an authentic look to create your soul style
  • find clarity when you shop
  • build and maintain an authentic, versatile and functional wardrobe
  • optimise the items found in your wardrobe
  • dress right for your body shape
  • dress for success, confidence and enjoyment
  • finding a professional style & image for the workplace
  • build an infinite wardrobe – always have something to wear!!

Here are a list of my styling services:





Understanding that we all have different needs, lifestyles and personalities, my goal is to ensure that I can help you to achieve your desired outcome.


About me, the stylist…


  • I believe finding the right style for each person is an individual approach and not primarily a fashion one.   Our style should truly reflect & express our inner self – authentic personality and be defined by our lifestyle choices.                      Therefore, I  carry the belief that styling can and is a life transforming experience
  • I began my styling career over 25 years ago and have - worked on styling runways (Spring Racing Events at the Hilton Hotel), merchandising, buying, retailing and marketing, written fashion articles for Porsche “Women With Drive” magazine & Fashion Journal, created styling Advertising for Vogue Bride Magazine & am the founder and creator of the Infinite Wardrobe and am the worlds only known Personal Soul Stylist
  • I am a qualified personal stylist and marketing & branding stylist
  • I love what I do, but more importantly, I really love seeing the sparkle in my clients eyes when they suddenly see just how fabulous they can be! 


So, if you are wanting the right style advice from someone passionate about helping you to  find your soul style, & be transformed both in & out, then Book your interest HERE!


In the meantime,

Stay Chic!