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Personal Stylist Melbourne

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Hi, my name is Christine Maikousis and I am Melbourne’s leading Personal Stylist some refer to me as then Soul Stylist. 

I teach and show women how to find and reveal their authentic style personality. Their Soul Style.
A soul style is a style that truly expresses the individual – who they are from the inside – their soul…
Allow me to introduce you to a new you – one that you know has always been there but because of time, budget, age or life has not allowed you to be. I can help you to reveal the real you – the way you have always wanted to dress and look – within your budget, your age, and even your size!
It is simply a matter of finding the real you – the way you want to look and be. And then expressing and identifying this style, so that it is congruent to your personality, and core inner style – we all have one.
Anything else is not authentic.  You will love dressing from the soul!
As a qualified Personal Stylist here in Melbourne, I found that my skills were not just aimed at personal styling. I felt there was more to just finding clothes for my client – I new that it was equally important to find their message they needed to express to reveal their uniqueness and authenticity. I have this innate ability to identify this and have since found my passion and strength in this “soul styling“. This is where I am most at heart with…
Alongside soul styling, I am also the founder and creator of the “Infinite” Wardrobe and I run monthly workshops based on these, to help women build and create an ultimate wardrobe that will ‘always have give them something to wear” at any occasion.
The “Infinite” Wardrobe came about when I too, found that I could not find a thing to wear out of my wardrobe.  So I researched and dissected my wardrobe and found the missing links to why this was so.  The secret lies in the types of items that are in your wardrobe.    I show women  what these  items are and how they can create their own ultimate & infinite wardrobe.
“It is such an amazing experience and feeling to be able to open your wardrobe everyday, to always find something to wear and to feel like you are wearing something new but have not gone shopping!”
Being a soul stylist and running workshops like the Infinite Wardrobe – places Christine in high demand and certainly sets her apart from all other personal stylists in Melbourne if not globally.
For all enquiries, contact Christine at info@styleyouchic.com.au


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